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Inclusive Ensembles

What are 'inclusive ensembles', how do they work, and how can a school or hub start one of their own? These questions form the basis of a set of case study films that showcase five ensembles in the East Midlands.

Together, they demonstrate that there are in fact many answers to all three of these questions, and that fundamentally an ensemble must be built around the needs and interests of the young people it seeks to engage. Begin by watching the overview video to get a sense of each ensemble, then dive in to whichever one(s) are most relevant to your own area of interest. 


We're excited to poresent Music Mark's New Directions in Inclusive Music series with each event having a focus on one of the areas of the Resource Balloon.


Music Mark are offering those in schools and music education organisations in the East Midlands a FREE ticket to access all four events in the series. Find out more.

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Inclusive Instrumental Teaching and Accessible Ensembles

31st January 2024, 4.00pm - 5.30pm, Online (Zoom)

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