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PMLD Conversations

This video series focuses on pupils with 'PMLD': profound and multiple learning disabilities. Making music with pupils with PMLD is a specialist skill. It requires a unique pedagogical approach and a willingness communicate and connect in new ways.


The nine videos below are designed to induct new practitioners to the world of PMLD music-making, and offer fresh ideas those with more experience. It distills the knowledge and wisdom of a diverse group of teachers and workshop leaders, with each video focussing on a different area of the PMLD teaching experience. They offer both practical advice around instrumentation and repertoire, as well as insight into the intangible 'vibe' that makes sessions come alive. 

The team behind the videos

The PMLD Conversations video series developed by a group of UpRising hub representative's who wanted to develop their own skills in this area. Claire Dyer (Nottingham City), Helen Wallhead (Lincolnshire Music Hub & SoundLINCS) and Emily-May Roebuck (NMPAT) each identified one or two people they felt had a lot to share, and interviewed them over Zoom. The videos were edited together by UpRising Project Lead Ben Sellers.

We are grateful to the interviewees for sharing their knowledge. They include: Carrie Lennard, Rosie Rushton, Shay Sharma, Kate Hallam-Jones and Alison Mitchell. The views and ideas expressed by each person within the videos are not necessarily shared by the whole team. 


We're excited to share details of training events as part of Music Mark's New Directions in Inclusive Music series. Each event has a focus on one of the areas of the Resource Balloon

Session footage Edited.00_00_05_13.Still002.jpg

Musical Playfulness for Pupils with PMLD

24th April 2024, 4.00pm - 5.15pm Online (Zoom)

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