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External Resources

This page contains links to some of the many organisations and resource providers contributing to an ever more inclusive music education offer in the UK.

Training and Resources

Youth Music Network
Drake Music: Resources for Music Education
Bristol Beacon Inclusive Practitioner Certificate
Midland Arts Centre: Inclusion Training and Resources
One Handed Musical Instrument Trust
NYMAZ SEND Music Network
Open Up Music
Soundlincs: Inclusive Practice Toolkits
Technology in Music Education

Lesson Plans, Activities and Videos

BBC Bring the Noise

A set of introductory music lessons 

Jessie's Fund

Lots of ideas for classroom activities 

The Amber Trust

Activities based on the Sounds of Intent Framework and initially designed for children with visual impairments.

Count Me In!

Music-making resources for children and young people with learning difficulties

The Improvise Approach

A simple way to create a musically harmonious space for soloists and groups to play together – using iPads and backing tracks

English Folk Dance and Song Society

Inclusive folk-focussed videos and resources

Live Music Now Concerts for Schools & Families

Video: A range of performances and inclusive musical activities devised by LMN musicians, inspired by their visits to special schools across the UK


Video: Innovative ideas for multi-sensory music lessons

Jam-Along with Carrie and Mowkee

Video: Fun, interactive videos for creative music-making

Schemes of Work

Leicestershire Music Hub SEND Scheme of Work

Charanga has a large section of resources for pupils with additional needs

The EQUALS Semi-Formal Curriculum Scheme of Work

A grounding in Makaton

The Makaton Charity

A website with lots more information and some free downloadable resources. You can also book Level 1 – 4 online training through this page which is highly recommend

Makaton with Lucinda

A YouTube channel with short signing videos created by a mum called Nikki and her daughter Lucinda. There are hundreds of short sign videos and can be a great place to check how to sign something new.

Singing Hands

This team produce a wide range of signed songs on YouTube. These range from simple nursery rhymes to modern pop songs. Some of these are easier than others but it is an excellent resource.

Isabella Signs

This is a teenager who started creating Makaton song videos on YouTube with her little brother. She also does some basic signs, and her songs are quite fast to follow, but again worth a look as she now does some slower tutorial videos to go with her pop songs.ual impairments.

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